Summarize Steps

1) update all plugins

2) update divi to the latest version

3) update to wordpress 5

4) install and activate the classic editor plugin

1. Go To Dashboard then Click Updates

2.) Go to Plugin Section and update all plugins.

4. After plugin update is done, Click back to updater page or just click update below dashboard.

5. Select all theme then click the update theme button

6. When theme update is success, click back to updater page

7.  Click Update now for the New Wordpress Version

8. You will notified that your wordpress is installed successfully.

9. Go to plugin and Click Add New

10. Search Classic Editor Then click install Now. Activate the plugin after you install it.

11. Activate the plugin by Clicking installed plugin then click activate

12. To check if installed correctly, go to page and check if you can see the DIVI block.