T-REX to Launch Cart FAQs

Launch Cart Support

Q: Where can I find official answers to my Launch Cart questions?

A: Please visit https://launchcart.com/support/

Q: Where can I get Launch Cart support and ask questions?

A: Please visit https://launchcart.com/support/ to submit a ticket.

Q: Are there training videos for Launch Cart?

A: Yes, training videos can be found on the Launch Cart website. https://launchcart.com/quickstart/

Q: How much does Launch Cart cost?

A: Launch Cart basic is free

General Launch Cart

Q: Do I need to buy a domain name before signing up for Launch Cart?

A: No, you don't have to. You can sign up using a name like mystore.launchcart.store and change it to a custom domain in the future after you decide to stick with Launch Cart.

Q: Are there apps integrated in the Launch Cart or do we have to individually get them? And if so which ones should we get?

A: Launch Cart does not have any apps to integrate.

Q: When you upload designs to Launch Cart--do you need the same size files as for T-REX? 290 x 331 to show online and 2800 x 3200 for PrinTech OR can you just upload one image in the 2800 x 3200 size?

A: For Launch Cart you only need the 2800 x 3200 version.

Q: Are there any videos/pdf that will explain Launch Cart, but not hyped sales stuff?

A: Training videos can be found on the Launch Cart website. https://launchcart.com/quickstart/.  You can also create a free store without registering an actual domain to give it a test drive. It would be something like mystore.launchcart.store. Then later if you decide you want to keep it, you can change it to a custom domain like mystore.com.

Q: When and where do we register for eCom Mentor site?

A: We hope to have it available by the end of September 2018.

Q: Is there anywhere to see products, or at least a list of categories. I'd like to see what is available for a LC store, so that I can hunt for an appropriate domain name.

A: We recommend you choose your niche first, and then find designs / products that your target audience is interested in. We will continue adding new designs, including for niches that people request. Here's a short video giving you a glimpse and telling you how to see the designs currently available.  https://www.useloom.com/.../8b07d52d58674b608d5ab2306c4b3147

Q: How do the "credits" work.

A: 1 credit = $1 and you can cash them in on any product in the Launch Cart marketplace, like designs which are also mocked up on some products.
For more info, please join the Launch Cart Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/launchcart/

Q: Can we purchase in the Market Place the T-REX MEGA Store designs as a complete grouping?

A: Not at this time. The Launch Cart Market Place will be by design, by category and we plan to add more filtering and bundle purchasing options in the future.

Q: Can I setup multiple Launch Cart stores?

A: Yes. Each store will have its own login; we hope in the future to allow management of multiple stores under one login however that is a feature not yet available.

Moving T-REX to Launch Cart

Q: If I register for Launch Cart/create Launch Cart account, does this mean my MEGA store will move to Launch Cart?
A: No. Launch Cart and T-REX are completely different platforms and are separate.

Q: Can I connect my MEGA store to Launch cart?

A: No, these are separate platforms.

Q: Is there an easy way to transfer my complete MEGA store to Launch Cart?

A: No, since these are separate platforms there isn't any automation to transfer one to the other.

Q: Will we be able to move our MEGA store over to Launch Cart at some point?

A: You can manually re-create the items from your MEGA Store in your Launch Cart store using the artwork designs. There is no automated way to move products over.

Q: When I setup my Launch Cart store, I used the same name as my T-REX store. Was this a mistake? Should I change it?

A: You will be able to change your domain name in the near future so it's up to you if you want to use a domain name that's different than your T-REX store or not. You can only point DNS to one place so if you use the same domain name for Launch Cart and change your DNS to point to the Launch Cart servers instead of the T-REX servers, you will need to rename your T-REX store domain or it will stop working as a site.

Q: Will we be able to upload T-REX products to launch cart

A: Yes. You can download designs from T-REX and use them to build new products in Launch Cart. See this article for bulk downloading the designs. Saving Images to PC using FTP or Though CPANEL

Q: Is it possible to bulk download all the art designs from my MEGA Store to my PC to use in Launch Cart?

A: Yes. See this article. Saving Images to PC using FTP or Though CPANEL

Q: I want to use the domain name from my T-REX store for Launch Cart instead. How do I do that?

A: When you bought your domain, you purchased it (ie. mystore.com) through a domain registrar, like Name Cheap or GoDaddy. In your registration settings, you had to update your DNS settings to point to T-REX servers. That setting points your URL (mystore.com) to the server that is hosting your site (T-REX). If you want to stop using the domain for T-REX and instead use it for Launch Cart, you will need to change your DNS settings to point to the Launch Cart servers instead of the T-REX servers once custom domain names are supported in Launch Cart.

Q: If I cancel my T-REX store and use the same name for my Launch Cart site, am I still obligated to pay the $97 a month that is supposed to kick-in in Sept.  for my T-EX store? 

A: If you cancel your T-REX store you can use the same name for your Launch Cart site. You only need to pay the $97/mo if you'd like to retain the T-REX membership/hosting or the new eCom Mentor monthly. You can have a Launch Cart basic store and NOT have either membership if you are cancelling your T-REX store.

Q: If I cancel my T-REX store will I lose the T-REX Customer Appreciation BONUS store credits in Launch Cart?

A: All T-REX customers that claim the BONUS store credits get to keep the credits regardless of T-REX membership status.

Q:  Which training currently on the T-REX members site will be migrated to the eCom Mentor site

A: All current marketing/e-commerce training that is not T-REX-specific will be migrated to the eCom Mentor site.