T-REX Self-Hosting FAQs

Q: If I move my site to self-hosting, will my T-REXecom membership be automatically cancelled?

A: No. If you move your own site, we will not know unless you tell us. Please submit a ticket to T-REXecom support requesting the cancellation of your membership and the removal of your site from the T-REX servers.

Q: What do I need in order to move my T-REX site to self-hosting?

A: T-REX Self-Hosting Requirements => http://support.trexecom.com/a/solutions/articles/19000080912

Q: How can I move my site to self-hosting?

A: If you'd like us to move it, complete these prerequisites and then submit a ticket with your request. http://support.trexecom.com/solution/articles/19000090637-how-to-prepare-for-your-t-rex-site-to-be-moved-to-your-own-hosting-aka-self-hosted-

If you are tech-savvy and you'd like to move your site yourself, follow these instructions. http://support.trexecom.com/solution/articles/19000087561-how-to-move-a-t-rex-store-from-t-rex-hosting-to-your-own-hosting

Q: Would SSL certificates move with the domain? 

A: No, the SSL certificate will not move with the domain. We recommend hosting through NameCheap. They have reasonable hosting fees, free WhoIsGuard and free Positive SSL certificates for the first year.

Q: How will moving to self-hosting affect tech support for the T-REX plugin

A: The plugin will continue to be supported with self-hosting if you have an active T-REXecom membership. Sites without an active membership are not entitled to support benefits.

Q: How will I receive TRex plugin updates after my site is moved to self-hosting?

A: The plugin updates will continue to be pushed out to your plugin even with self-hosting.

Q: Will the Divi theme still work if we move to self-hosting?

A: Yes, the Divi license will transfer with the site.

Q: Can I use some other plugin besides Backup Buddy to move my site?

A:  We found an article that compares WP backup apps https://www.wpbeginner.com/.../7-best-wordpress-backup.../ Updraft Plus may be a good alternative. The main thing is it has to be a complete backup and must be restored as a complete site. We cannot write instructions for every backup app out there nor support every app. Backup Buddy is what we use when we move sites so that is what we support.

Q: If I self host my MEGA store, does this mean I need to re-create everything I have with T-REX platform?
A: No. If you choose to self-host, we can help you move your entire store as-is to a different hosting server. All your products, campaigns and website pages will all still be there. Moving to self-hosting is optional.

Q: Can I close my Mega store if I want to? Thanks.
A: Yes, of course you can.