NOTE: Be sure to have filezilla installed


1.) Click Filezilla

2.) You have to supply that with your CPANEL username and Password.

3.)Go to the File Directory, Drag the files to your Local Folders

4.) You will notice if it is Downloading on the bottom of your Filezilla


1.) Login to your CPANEL

2.) Go to File Manager

3.) Go to /wp-content/upload/ if you have morethan one domain in your cpanel, be sure you know the correct path

4.) Zip the folder that is name with a year (ex. 2016, 2017, 2018, Etc)

5.) Click ZIP then Rename the Zip File, Click Compress File

6.) You will be notified that is it being Compressed, take note of location

7.) You will be notified the success of compression

6.) Download the File, (if you do not see it, refresh the page)

Double click to download