Changing Domain ( to your

***Note, you need to check if the license is affected after the Domain has been transferred. Please email us if you encounter a license issue.

Install Backup Buddy (or other backup app)

Click the link or copy and paste this to your browser

1) Go to the Wordpress Dashboard.

2) Install the Backupbuddy Plugin and Activate it.

3) Once it is completed you can now download the file.

( Use the remote server to do this as it faster upload and download)

Download the importbuddy.php Script

You will also need to download the importbuddy.php script.

4) Under BackupBuddy, click on Restore / Migrate 

5) Click Download importbuddy.php and save it to your computer

You should have 2 files saved to your computer. One is a zip file and one is the script.

Restore Your Backup To Your New Domain Name

1) Login to your CPANEL

2) Go to the File Manager and upload in the public_html,. If it is a subdomain, you have to find the specific folder location.

Here's the public_html

3) Click Upload

**Upload the backupbuddy file and importbuddy.php file

***Depending on the size of the zip file you can either extract them now or let the importbuddy to extract it later.

4) Go Back to Cpanel and Create a database. Choose the Create by Wizard so you won't encounter a problem connecting the database and database user

5) Create Database, Database User and Connection

    Add Database Name Then Click Next

Create Database User and Password, secure the database password because you wil be needing this information latter.

Make Connection to them by clicking All Priviledge

It will notify you, that your database is sucessfully done

6) Run the and supply all information asked

7) Login to the Dashboard and install 1.3 Version of Better Search and replace plugin. Any other version later than 1.3 will mess the site due to plugin conflicts.
 ****Replace the Old Domain URL to the New One.

8) Save Permalinks by going to WordPress, Settings -> Permalinks - > Save


NOTE: We kindly request that you inform us after your site is successfully transferred so we can also remove the backup files and your site from our server.