How To Move a T-REX Store From T-REX Hosting to Your Own Hosting (AKA Self-Hosted)

To move a T-REX store, which is a WordPress plugin, from T-REX servers to your own hosted servers, you will need to use a backup and restore process. You will backup your site that is on the T-REX server, and restore it to your WordPress installation on your own hosting.


You must have:

  • hosting through a website hosting company
  • WordPress installed on your new hosted site
  • a backup plugin such as Backup Buddy installed on your T-REX WordPress site
  • a backup plugin such as Backup Buddy installed on your new hosted WordPress site

These instructions are written using Backup Buddy.

Steps to Configure The Backup Buddy Backup File Location

You must be logged in to your WordPress Admin section where your T-REX store is installed. 

You must setup a Remote Destination for your backup file to be stored. 

Steps to Back Up T-REX Site

You must be logged in to your WordPress Admin section where your T-REX store is installed.

1. Go to Backup buddy plugin

2. Click Complete Backup

3. It will load for a time until it changes to Finished

Restore Your T-REX Site To Your Hosting

You must be logged in to your WordPress Admin section where your T-REX store is installed.

Part 1 of 5: Download the BackupBuddy Files From Your T-REX Hosted Site

From your T-REX WordPress Admin, Backup Buddy:

1. Click on the button Download backup file and save the file to your computer

You will also need to download the importbuddy.php script.

2. Under BackupBuddy, click on Restore / Migrate 

3. Click Download importbuddy.php and save it to your computer

You should have 2 files saved to your computer. One is a zip file and one is the script.

Part 2 of 5: Change Your DNS Settings

You will need to change your DNS settings to point to your hosting company. This setting needs to be updated through your domain registrar, ie. the company you registered your domain ( through. Your domain registrar might be different than your hosting company, or it might be the same.

For example:

If you bought your domain through, and are hosing the website through NameCheap, then you would log into your GoDaddy account, update the DNS to point to the NameCheap domain name servers. You will need to obtain the DNS settings from your hosting company.

Every domain registrar has a slightly different workflow so you may need to ask your domain registrar for instructions.

NameCheap Instructions if NameCheap is the registrar and the hosting company

  1. Sign in to your dashboard.
  2. Select Domain List from the left hand side bar.
  3. Click the Manage button to the right of the domain you wish to update.
  4. Next to the Name servers section select "Namecheap Web Hosting DNS"

For other registrars and hosting companies, will need to contact them for instructions.

Part 3 of 5: Upload the BackupBuddy Files To Your New Hosted Site

4. Login to your new CPanel on your hosted site

5. Go to the File Manager

6. Upload your two files in the public_html folder.

(If you configured your site as a subdomain, you have to find the specific folder location)

Here is an example of the public_html folder

7. Click Upload (found at the top menu)

8. Upload your backupbuddy file and importbuddy.php file

***Depending on the size of the zip file you can either extract them now or let the importbuddy to extract it later.

Part 4 of 5: Create a Database on Your New Hosted Site

You will need to create a database to restore the files to.

1. Go Back to the CPanel dashboard

2. Under Databases select the My SQL Database Wizard 

(This is so you wont face a problem connecting the database and database user)

Create Database, Database User and Connection

3. Add Database Name Then Click Next

4. Create Database User and Password, secure the database password because you will need this information later.

5. Make Connection to them by clicking All Privileges

It will notify you, that your database is sucessfully done

Part 5 of 5: Restoring your T-REX BackupBuddy Files To Your New Hosted Site

1. Run the then Just Click next and provide all information that is asked, such as Database Name, Database User and Database Password.

Changing Domain Names

IF you are transferring from one domain name to a new domain name then you have to do this. PLEASE USE 1.3 Version of BETTER SEARCH AND REPLACE PLUGIN, else you will mess your site. (later versions are not compatible with the T-REX plugin)

Click the link or copy and paste this to your browser

Login to the Dashboard and install 1.3 Version of Better Search and Replace plugin.
 ****Replace the Old Domain URL to the New One.

Verify Your T-REX Site On Your Hosting

Login to your WordPress Admin section on your new hosting to verify that you see the T-REX items. If you explore the T-REX products and campaigns you should see all of your items.

If you prefer to have us move your T-REX store to your hosting for you, you can purchase this service from our Services page.