Set Up 2-Step Checkout Page

How To Setup a 2-Step Checkout Page

There are two types of checkout pages; The Default (One Step) Checkout and the Two Step Checkout.

For standard products and campaigns, we recommend you use the Default checkout.
2 Way Checkout is more designed and can be personalized, we recommend this if youre thinking about color branding of your site and personalizing your checkout page.

Steps to Setup The Default Checkout Page

  1. Click T-REX on the WordPress navigation bar
  2. Scroll down and click the Checkout Pages option
  3. Click the Add New button to create a Checkout Page
  4. Add a page title (ie. "2 Step Checkout")

  5. Select Default for the Checkout Type
  6. If you want thank you page logo different from what is set in your business setting, then you can upload logo here (optional)
  7. You can also Customize the header checkout in 2 Way Checkout(optional)
  8. Configure a menu (optional)
    There are two kinds of menus:
     Wordpress Menu
    The Wordpress Menu allows you to select and use a menu previously created in WordPress.Custom Menu
    The Custom Menu option allows you to create a menu that only appears on this checkout page. NOTE: Since the Default Checkout is a 1-Step Checkout, the "Step 2 Buy options" is not needed so skip this section.
  9. Configure the Step 1 Buy Button, ( this option will only work for 2 Way Checkout )

  10. Configure the Step 2 Buy Button, ( this option will only work for 2 Way Checkout )

  11. Select a Thank you Page
    NOTE: The Checkout Page MUST have a Thank You Page selected in order for the checkout process to work; If you selected Thank you page in the campaign, then you dont need to setup thank you page here.

  12. Click the Update button to save your new Checkout page.