T-REX WP: Getting Started List

T-REX WP Plugin: Installing the Plugin

  1. T-REX WP Plugin Self-Hosted Requirements
  2. Installing the T-REX WordPress Plugin
  3. Adding Your T-REX WP Plugin License Number

T-REX WP Plugin: Basic Store Setup

  1. T-REX WordPress Plugin Overview
  2. How to Import Your BONUS Products
  3. How To Setup a Checkout Page (Default Checkout Page)
  4. How To Setup a Thank You Page
  5. Customize Your Thank You Page(s)
  6. How To Create Purchase Confirmation Emails
  7. Confirmation Email Templates
  8. Business Settings Overview
  9. Setting up Suppliers in T-REX
  10. Creating a Stripe Account/API Keys
  11. Terms of Use Template
  12. Privacy Policy Template
  13. Refunds Policy Template
  14. Changing your logo
  15. Changing Your Logo Size
  16. Changing Your FavIcon
  17. Change your phone number in home page footer
  18. Change the Phone Number and Email Address in Header Bar
  19. How to Add New Home Page Menu Items
  20. Add PrintTech Lockerstock API to T-REX Business Settings

T-REX WP Plugin: Selling - Products, Campaigns, Collections

T-REX WP Plugin: Advanced Features

View articles on advanced features in the Knowledge Base.