How To Add Your Own Products to T-REX

There are 2 parts to adding a non-PrintTech product to your T-REX store.

Part 1: Setup yourself as a Supplier

Part 2: Add a new Product

Part 1: Set yourself up as a Supplier

1. Click on T-REX > Supplier

2. Click the Add New Button

3. Fill in your own contact information

4. Click the Publish button to save your changes

Additional Training: Video Lesson: How To Set Up Suppliers

Part 2: Add a new Product

  1. Click T-REX
  2.  Scroll down and Click Products 
  3. Click the Add New button
  4. Enter Product Name 
  5. Select Shirt Type: Non-Personalized
  6. Add a Product Description

  7. Select Order Type
    If you'd like to receive an email every time an order comes through, select "Individual Order." If you would like one email daily with a list of orders, select "Daily Order.

  8. Select yourself for Supplier Email

  9. Add product Size/Model information, Item Price, Shipping Price and a Supplier SKU if you have one.
    If you have more than one Size/Model, use the blue "+" button to add another option
  10. Type in the product Style. This information will be included with the order information in the email to you
  11. Specify a color if different colors of this product are available.
  12. For the next section, you will only need to upload a Product Background Image
    We recommend 700x700 pixels at 72dpi. Image must be in PNG format.

  13. Select the image from your computer. (Select Image, in the Media Library Upload Image, Select Files, select image from your computer, click the Insert button)

    The rest of the fields will remain blank.

  14. At the bottom of the screen, click the Refresh Preview button

  15. You should see a preview of your product. 

  16. Click the Save button to save your new product.