How to Import Your BONUS Products

If you received the bonus products as part of your T-REX WP Plugin purchase, congratulations! These instructions will tell you how to import the products into your T-REX eCommerce store back end.

The product import file contains print on demand products, fulfilled by our sister company PrintTech. The import file includes the product images, artwork, and completed mockups and in some cases, a font for personalized designs and Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

NOTE: Before importing products, be sure you have your Supplier setup

If your supplier isn't configured BEFORE you import the products, then after importing the products you will need to edit each product individually and select the supplier. If no supplier is selected in the product, the default supplier set in T-REX Business Settings will be used. It's best to setup your supplier first.

Also be sure you have setup an account with each supplier that you plan to use. (Recommended Supplier Contact Details)

Steps to Import Products

  1. Download the product import .zip file that you received to your computer
  2. Unzip the product import .zip file on your computer. You should have 3 files:,, products.csv
  3. Go to your T-REX Dashboard

  4. Scroll Down and click Import Products

  5. For Supplier Email, select

  6. Click each button and select the zip file and csv file needed.
    (ie. Images Zip: select the Fonts Zip: select or skip it if there is't a fonts file. Product CSV: Select the products.csv file)
    ***some product import don't have
  7.  After each file has been selected click the Save button
    An "Uploading" message will display in the bottom left corner of your screen with a status of how far along the file uploads are.
    You will remain on the same page when the import is complete.

  8.  You can verify that the products were imported successfully by going to T-REX > Products to view a list of your products.

NOTE: If you received designs as part of a T-REX Plugin purchase, you are granted rights to use these designs so long as you are the owner of the T-REX plugin. If you obtain a refund for the T-REX WP Plugin, you forfeit any and all rights to use the designs.