How To Create Purchase Confirmation  Emails

A confirmation email will be automatically sent to your customer after they complete a purchase. You can add text, media including your logo and customize the email to match the branding and messaging of your store and your marketing.

You can create multiple Confirmation Emails and use one as your default, and optionally use different ones for specific marketing campaigns.

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Steps to Create a Confirmation Email

  1. Form the WordPress navigation, click T-REX

  2. Click the Confirmation Email Templates link

  3. Select the Add New button to create a new Confirmation Email

  4. Enter a Subject Line

  5. Enter your email text. 
    Make it personal. We recommend you use their name, thank them for their order, include order information and provide contact information in case they have questions about their order. Provide any additional information you'd like. Use the "Visual" tab to design your email in easy mode. Use the "Text" tab if you prefer to work in HTML or Code view.

Sample Code

Click the "Text" tab to change to code view. Copy the code below and paste it into your email description. Click the "Visual" tab to preview the email and make any changes.

<p><i>Hello, %name%</i></p>

<p>Thank you for your purchase. You should expect your item(s) to be delivered in 5-7 business days. </p>
<p>If you have any question, comments, or concerns, or even if you want to sing our praises, please reach out to us at (Your Email Here)  or call us at <strong>(Your phone number here)</strong> We would love to hear from you!</p>

Where and How Are the Confirmation Emails Configured in T-REX?

There are two places you configure your confirmation emails.

  1. T-REX > Business Settings
    If you select an Email Confirmation Template in your Business Settings, that email confirmation will be used for all orders by default.
  2. In Each Campaign
    If you would like to have a different purchase confirmation email sent to customers for a particular marketing campaign, you can select a different Email Confirmation template in your Campaign. The Campaign Setting will override the default setting selected in your Business Settings.

NOTE: If you do not have a Confirmation Email selected in Business Settings and you do not have a Confirmation Email selected in the Campaign that a customer purchases from, then they will NOT receive an email confirmation after purchase.

T-REX > Business Settings > Confirmation Email Templates
It is a good idea to select a default Confirmation Email Template in your Business Settings. This is the default and will show be used to send the purchase confirmation to the customer if nothing is selected in the campaign.

Campaigns > [Selected Campaign] > Purchase Confirmation Mail

This is in the campaign

You can leave this un-selected if you want your campaign to use the default settings configured in the Business Settings.

If you want a different Confirmation Email to be sent to the customer for a particular campaign, overriding the default set in the Business Settings, you would select it here.