1-Business Settings Overview

One of the first things you should do after installing your T-REX WP Plugin and adding your Confirmation Email, Thank You and Checkout pages, is configure your Business Settings.

The video training and the instructions below can be used individually or together.

Steps to Setup Your Business Settings

1. Click T-REX, then Business Settings

2. Enter your Paypal Email 
This is the PayPal account that the customer's purchases will be deposited to. 

The PayPal email is used to collect PayPal payments

3. Configure your Stripe Payments.

Enter the Stripe Live keys and Stripe Test Keys. (Additional info on creating a Stripe account)

NOTE: You can switch back and forth between LIVE and TEST  STRIPE.
*if you want to test the product to make sure that the stripe is  working and everything is good you can switch to TEST STRIPE*

*When you're ready to take real orders and collect payments, switch it to LIVE STRIPE*

4. Enter your PrintTech Lockerstock API Key.
*this is for  your lockerstock account and it is what PrintTech uses to manage your account and  manage your orders.*

5. This is optional. If you decide to use Mailchimp then enter you Mailchimp API Key and Mailchimp List ID.


6. Select the countries that you would like to sell/ship to.

When you click on a country, the states will automatically  appear. 

7. Select any states you want to sell to.

8. Enter your Notification Email.
The notification  email should be the email where you want to receive notifications of a purchase.

9. Enter your Business Name.
Your business name is  also your website name

10. Select the checkout-related pages that you would like your store to use as the default. This includes:

Default Cart Page (The checkout page and type that will be used as default)

Thank You Page (The page that is displayed after the customer completes checkout)

11. Select the logo image that you would like displayed by default on the shopping cart page

12. Select the logo image that you would like displayed by default on campaign pages
(NOTE: Selecting a logo image in an individual campaign will override this setting)

13. Enter your Default Daily Supplier Email.
Once a day a summary of sales orders will be sent to this email address. If you only use one supplier, you can enter their email address here. If you use multiple suppliers, you may want to set this to your own email address.

14. Optional: If you want a copy of the daily sales orders email to be sent to another email address, you can enter it under the Daily Email CC To field.

15. Select a Confirmation Email Template
You must first create a Confirmation Email Template under T-REX > Confirmation Email Templates.

16. Write  your Successful Payment Email Subject.

16. Enter a Stripe Error Message so that if something goes wrong during the payment processing, you can communicate that with the customer.

Example: "Something has gone wrong. Please try again!"

17. Choose your Favicon logo. 
*This will be displayed  beside your website name in the browser tab* Recommended size: 16x16 pixels. This can be a .PNG file format

18. Optional: Enter the Default Continue Shopping Button Link
If you use the Default (1-step) Checkout, the checkout page will have a "Continue Shopping" button. 
If you want the customer to be directed to a specific page when they click this button, you can enter the URL here (ie. https://mydomain.com/specials"). If you leave this field blank, the customer will be directed to whichever page they were on prior to visiting the shopping cart. In most cases, you will want to leave this field blank.

19. Optional: Select a Default Shipping Discount
If you want to offer a site-wide shipping discount you can select it here.

20. Enter Default Size Dropdown Text

This is the text that will appear in the dropdown size box for products that have multiple sizes available. We recommend leaving it generic since it may apply to apparel, canvas art, mugs and many other items. 

Example: "Click Here To Select Size"

21. Click the Save Changes button to save all of your settings.