Setting up Suppliers in T-REX

Auto-fulfilled Orders Using Various Suppliers (Vendors)

You can sell any products you'd like in your T-REX store and you can use as many suppliers as you want. Be sure you have an account already setup with each supplier you are configuring in T-REX.

To have orders auto-fulfilled by a supplier, you need to complete two steps .

  1. Make sure the supplier can accept orders via email, using the T-REX CSV format. If it's a new supplier, contact them to work this out. 
  2. Setup the supplier in your T-REX settings.

If the supplier cannot accept the T-REX CSV file or they cannot accept orders via email, then you would need to set the supplier on those products to your own email. When an order for one of those products comes in, you would need to manually ask your supplier for the products to fulfill your order.

Setting up New Suppliers in T-REX - Training Video

T-REX is integrated with PrintTech. To use PrintTech for your print on demand product fulfillment, first create an account with PrintTech, second, enter your Lockerstock API key in your T-REX Business Settings, and third, setup PrintTech as a Supplier in your T-REX store.

Setting up New Suppliers in T-REX - Written Instructions

  1. From your WordPress navigation, click T-REX 
  2. Scroll down and click Supplier

  3. Click the Add New button to create a new Supplier record.

  4. Fill out the form with the supplier's information. 
    NOTE: The information you will enter here should be coordinated or provided by your supplier
    Order Email Address - This is the email address that orders will be sent to

    All other information is for your personal reference to help you keep track of your supplier contact information.

    Supplier is used in Product page, each product in the product page need to have supplier set, if nothing is set. The default supplier is followed

PrintTech Supplier Info

Following the instructions above, enter the following information for adding PrintTech as a Supplier.

Page Name: PrintTech Auto Personalized

Order Email address:

Contact Name: Barry

Contact Email Address:

How and Where Suppliers are Used by the T-REX App

Supplier in Product Page

Each product has a supplier listed. When you're adding a new product, be sure to specify the Supplier Email that orders should be emailed to.


  ****If no supplier is set in the product page then the Default Supplier set in the Business Settings is used.

Default Supplier in the Business Settings

In the T-REX > Business Settings, you should specify the email address that orders should be sent to by default. This will be used if you forget to set a supplier on a product. It is best to set this to your own email address so you will be alerted when a product is ordered that doesn't have a supplier configured. If this happens, you can forward the order to the appropriate supplier and make corrections to the Product listing (select a supplier) so the next orders will be routed correctly.