How To Setup a Thank You Page

The "Thank You" page will be displayed after the customer completes their purchase. 

NOTE: In order for the checkout process to work, your checkout page MUST have a Thank You page selected. 

The video training and the instructions below can be used individually or together.

Steps to Setup the Thank You Page

  1. Click T-REX on your WP Dashboard
  2. Scroll Down and Click Thanks

  3. Click Add New to add a new page

  4. Add a page title such as "Thank You" or "Thanks"

  5. Enter your Thank You Text.
    NOTE: You can add text, images or other media including your logo, website links, etc. in this section. Here is sample text:

    Thanks for your purchase!

    You should receive a confirmation email shortly with your purchase details.

    If you paid with Paypal you will see a charge from on your Paypal account. 

    If you have any questions or concerns please email us

    Have a great day, and once again thank you for the order!


  6. Add a Redirect URL. 
    A Redirect URL is the page your customer will be redirected to after the purchase. Be sure it has https://
    For example, if you want the customer to return to your home page after the purchase, you can enter

  7. Enter a Delay Time
    The Delay Time is the number of seconds that passes after the purchase is complete, and before the customer is automatically redirected to the Redirect URL. You should allow the customer a chance to read your Thank You before redirecting to your homepage or to a specific page; Between 7-10 seconds is recommended, depending on the length of your Thank You message.

  8. Click the Publish button to save your changes

Read more about how you can customize your Thank You page(s) with graphics, including your logo, and other text with text formatting.