Campaign Mockup Shows White or Black Background on Design Image


My product mockup is showing a solid background even though the PNG has a transparent background. How do I fix it?


This issue has to do with the settings or format that the image is saved in.

If you encounter this problem, you need to do the following:

1. Save the blank product image (ie. shirt or hoodie) to your computer

right Click and save it.

2. Open the image in Photoshop
3. Change the mode from Indexed to RGB

Go to image -> Mode -> Click RGB Color

4. Save the image
5. Edit your T-REX Product

6. Upload and use the new blank product image and save your Product

7. Refresh your Campaign page to see the effect

NOTE: We have also seen the issue occur if the background image was saved using the "Save For Web" feature in Photoshop. 

Save by using "Quick Export to PNG" instead of the "Save For Web" screen and it should work.