Clicking Product Image Goes to Page of Items, Not to Selected Product

We get asked this question a lot so we would like to share some background information with you to explain why the store is setup the way it is, and share the future direction.

Question (Example)

From the "Shop All Canvas Art" page, and the "Shop All Gifts" page, if you click on a product image it takes you to that products’ collection page but not to the image you clicked on. Can that be changed to open the collection page with the product image that was clicked?


Currently, the only way to have the page open to the product you selected is to setup a campaign with a single item in it. From your home page the customer would click a category. From the category (collection) page, they would click an item which would open a campaign with a single product.

The T-REX e-commerce platform was created as a marketing tool. It wasn't initially created as an e-commerce shopping center.

The platform is optimized for running ads to a campaign page which has a collection of related products, therefore, the functionality that is being requested was not a consideration in T-REX v1. The platform was not optimized for website browsing from store front, through categories and through to products.

The T-REX team has heard that the community would like to have the shopping experience enabled for their T-REX store. This enhancement will be included in T-REX v2 which will be released some time in 2018.