About Canvas Wall Art - Product Creation Info

For folks who are interested in selling some Canvas Wall Art, here is some info 


You'll also find MOCK-UP-TOOLS, and TEMPLATES (to use in PhotoShop or some program that can work with Layers).
In addition, this 
GoogleDrive folder  has all the info you’ll need (and probably more) for canvas wall art.


The files that have the word “BLANKS” (black rectangles appear) are for you to mock up your canvas wall art & upload those mock ups to your store;
you’ll find only one each for the 1,3, & 5 panels (even though there are two each (large & XL)).


The files that have the word “TEMPLATE” in them are tools for you to ensure that your image will sufficiently fit and print correctly (image quality);
these template files are the correct size and resolution (dpi) for each size wall art —
this is to help guide/wrap your mind around how the finished product will appear —
you do not necessarily need these templates for your store; they are just tools to ensure a quality, predictable product.

Image Size

Image size that will work for any size canvas: 5000 px X 3000 px @300dpi.*

Please note: Do not send 3 & 5 panel art already cut into separate pieces (those are your mock-ups, and for customers to view in your store only). We need the entire work of art in one piece (in addition please send your smaller mock-up image (the one uploaded to your store) so our printer can match your offered product).

*You will likely need to send PrintTech your art files via Dropbox/GoogleDrive because they will be too large to upload to your store or send via email.


The pricing sheet reflects your pricing from PrintTech; Retail price is up to you; if you’d like an idea of an MSRP check out PLANETMETEE.COM's canvas art to give you an idea for pricing.