How to Import Home Page Banner AKA Smart Slider

These instructions assume:

1) You have the SmartSlider3 plugin installed

2) You have a SmartSlider3 Export file on your computer (that you downloaded from the members area or that you obtained somewhere else)

At the main page you can find an option to import your previously exported sliders.


1) Click Smart Slider from the top of the WordPress bar

2) Select Dashboard

3) Click the Import icon to the right of Dashboard (when you mouse-over the icon it will show "Import Slider")

The following page will be displayed.

4) Click Choose File button

5) Select the .ss3 slider file that you saved on your computer

6) Click the Import button

A Success message will be displayed and you should see the name of the slider that you imorted

To Change the Slider on your Home Page

1) When you still have the slider open, view farther down on the page the Shortcode for this slider. Note the slider=# (ie "6")

2) Copy this shortcode

3) From the WordPress menu, click Pages

4) Click your Home page to open it for editing

5) Click the three bars on the Fullwidth Code Divi module to open it in edit mode

6) Change the shortcode in the Content box to your new short code. Either delete it and paste the new code, or change the slider number to the new number, in this example, we would change the "5" to a "6" ([smartslider3 slider=5]  change to [smartslider3 slider=6])

7) Click Save & Exit

 8) Back on the Home page editor, click the Update button to save all changes.

9) Visit your website, home page, refresh and make sure the new banner shows up.

MEGA Store Owners

Replace the following steps starting at #5 under "To Change the Slider On Your Home Page"

Your store Home Page has a Fullwidth Slider at the top instead of Fullwidth Code. Recommendation is make a copy of your home page (use Duplicate Post plugin) before making changes.

These steps start after you open your Home pages for editing.

5) Click "Insert Module(s) below Fullwidth Slider

6) Select Fullwidth Code

7) Paste SmartSlider3 short code in the Content box

8) Click Save & Exit

9) Delete the Fullwidth Slider (this is the MEGA original modlue)

10) Click the "Update" button to save all changes to the Home page

11) Visit your home page on your website and refresh your browser to view the changed slider.