How Can I Change My Domain/Store Name?

Option #1 - Let the T-REX Staff Change It

If you already have your store setup and decide you want to change the domain name, you can submit a ticket to support and we can change make the change for you.

Please let us know the current domain and the new domain you would like it switched to. You will need to configure DNS records for your new domain.

NOTE: There is a fee to change your domain name.

Q: Why do you charge a fee for the change? I already paid for my store. Can't you do this for free?

A: We believe we offer a lot of value with the hosting and software and we also give away many freebies. However when a requested optional service costs us money or takes staff time to make changes to a store (after the store has been setup), a fee is charged to help cover the costs we incur.

Changes include:

  • T-REX Server pointer, change to new domain name
  • Create new domain email accounts
  • Update support email in CPanel
  • Update domain name inside of store

Option #2 - Do It Yourself

If you would like to rename / move your site yourself, here are instructions.