How can I make my products searchable using the Search bar?

Explanation of T-REX vs. WordPress and Search Feature

T-REX was designed first and foremost to work with targeted marketing, driving traffic to a Campaign or Campaign Funnel. Using this method, the search function is not needed.

T-REX is built on WordPress.

WordPress comes with many built-in features including the ability to search WP Posts and WP Pages. The Search feature is a WordPress feature, not a T-REX feature, therefore it does not search T-REX Products, T-REX Campaigns, T-REX Collections. The standard procedure for building Collection pages is to add a new WordPress Page, and add the Collection shortcode to the page. Since the page only contains the shortcode, the page is not searchable using keywords.


One workaround is to create a WordPress Page and manually list Products that link to a Campaign or Collection.

The down-side to using this method is it's a lot of work and the WP Page or Post will need to be manually maintained.

Because this is not a T-REX best practice, the steps below are very high-level and provided as a courtesy.


1. Create a Page (Select Page from the left Word Press navigation pane)

2. Add a Heading or Title to the page

3. Manually insert product images onto the page (You  may want to use Divi Page Builder to assist with layout)

4. For each image, add a link to the product's campaign page (right click or select image and add URL link to a campaign page)

5. Save/Publish Page

This page will now be searchable by WordPress