Which WordPress Plugins Are Safe To Install?

The T-REX plugin is constantly being updated and improved and since third party plugins are also updated and changed, we cannot provide a list of "safe" or compatible third party plugins. We have encountered some plugins which we know don't play nice with T-REX and we will try to add them to this article as we find out about them.

If you have plugins installed and are experiencing issues with your store such as your site crashing, the ability to log in sometimes working and sometimes not, store layout getting messed up, things disappearing from your store or any other strange store behavior, PLEASE deactivate all third party plugins that you installed and test your site again BEFORE submitting a support ticket. If you install any third party plugins, it is at your own risk!

If your database or website becomes corrupt due to a plugin that you installed, you may be responsible for costs associated with repairing or restoring your store.

Plugins Known To Have Issues In T-REX

NOTE: UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore and other backup plugins are known to use up allocated server space on T-REX sites.

This is what the plugin looks like when installed and acive:

If you receive warnings about Disk Usage, you will need to Deactivate this or other backup plugin and delete the backup it created.

This is what a Disk Usage warning looks like in your CPanel.

In this example, the backups are using up more than half of the allocated server space for this T-REX store. The store is using the other slightly less than half of the server space, so combined, the disk space is maxed out and the T-REX store will start displaying warnings and may not function correctly.

To fix this issue:

1) Deactivate the Plugin 

2) Delete the backup that the plugin created

Here's an example of how to delete backups created by a plugin.