T-REX is built on WordPress. WordPress comes with many built-in features including the ability to search Posts and Pages. The Search feature is a WordPress feature, not a T-REX feature.

If posts are turning up in the search results that you don't want showing, you have a couple of options.

Option #1: Remove Search Option from Home Page

If you are NOT planning to add blogs to your website, you may want to remove the search feature since it only searches WordPress Pages and Posts and does not search Products or Campaigns.


1. From the WordPress menu, select Appearance

2. Select Customize

3. Select Header & Navigation

4. Select Header Elements

5. Uncheck Show Search Icon

6. Click Save & Publish

This will remove the Search option from the Home page.

Option #2: Remove Posts From Search Results

If you are planning to add blogs to your website, you may want to leave the search feature enabled but remove the default 3 posts from showing up in the search results. This will still allow WordPress Pages (not Products or Campaigns) to be searched.

1. Delete the Posts, or 

2. Change the Posts from Published to Draft

   a. Click Posts

   b. Click 'Edit' below a post

   c. Click Edit next to Status

   d. Change "Published" to "Draft"

   e. Click OK

   f. Click Update to save all changes on the page

You can see on the Posts listing that it no longer shows "Published" and instead shows "Last Modified" date.

Note that the search result no longer shows up on the home page search results.