On the "Ask The Experts" Webinar Randy mentioned there were two options for the shopping cart URL within the campaigns.  1 Step Shopping Cart and 2 Step Shopping Cart.  I do not have this option within my Campaigns.The options that are currently available within my Campaign Cart Page URL are Checkout and Cart. How can I fix this setting?


In the mini store installs, the T-REX > Checkout pages are named:

  • 1 Step Cart
  • 2 Step checkout

or something similar

In many MEGA Store installs, the T-REX > Checkout pages were named:

  • "cart" for the Default aka 1 Step Checkout process and 
  • "checkout" for 2 Step Checkout

These are just page names and can be changed to whatever you want.

In this example you can rename "cart" to "1 Step Checkout" and rename "checkout" to "2 Step Checkout"


1. Click on T-Rex

2. Click on Checkout Pages

3. Click on "cart" to open this page for editing

4. Rename "cart" to "1 Step Checkout"

5. Make sure this page is set to "Default" checkout type.

6. Click the Update button

Repeat the steps above for "checkout" page, renaming to "2 Step Checkout"