Steps to Add a Page to the Home Page Menu

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In this example, we will add "Christmas" to the Home Page menu under Categories

In this example, the following has already been done:

  • Christmas products have been added through the store admin
  • Christmas products have been added to a new "Christmas" Campaign
  • A Christmas Collection has been created and the Christmas products have been added to the Collection
  • A new Page has been created with the shortcode for the Christmas Collection included
    See Overview - How To Add Products To Your Store

We will add a new "Christmas" menu under Categories and point the new "Christmas" menu to the Christmas page.

1. Click on Appearance

2. Click on Menus

3. Select the Main Menu (if it isn't already) and click the Select button

Menu Name should show "Main"

4.Find the Page you would like to add. Select it and click "Add to Menu"

The menu will appear at the bottom of the Menu Structure

5. Click and hold the mouse down on the menu item and drag it to the location you want it.

When you start to drag it you will see dotted lines in the place it used to be and dotted lines will appear in all of the locations you can drop it in, as you move it around.

6. Drag and drop the new menu in the location you want it as shown below.

7. Click the Save Menu button

8. Refresh your home page to see the new menu item you created.