I completed the check out and the system brings me to another blank page. There is no Thank you page, just a blank page with a link to go back to the store.


I receive see this page when trying to checkout instead of the Thank You page


Make sure you have the Thank You page selected in the following two places.

#1 Business Settings

  1. T-REX

  2. Business Settings

  3. Select Global Default Thank You Page (select a page)
    Also take note of which Checkout Page you have selected.
  4. Save Changes

If you have your Thank You page selected in Business Settings, you also need to make sure it's selected in the Checkout page.

#2 in The Checkout Page

1. Click on T-REX

2. Click on Checkout Pages

3. Click on the Checkout Page name ie. "cart" or "1 Step Checkout" to open in edit mode

4. Select a Thank You Page

5. Click the Update button to save changes

#3 In Campaigns and Funnel Campaigns

Note: This setting is available in every Campaign and every Funnel Campaign page. If you have this configured in your Business Settings and on the Checkout Page, you only need to configure this if you want to set it differently for a particular campaign.

  1. T-REX

  2. Campaigns

  3. Click on a Campaign to open it

  4. In the Page Styling section, Select a Thank You Page

  5. Click the Update button to save your changes.

TIP for Finding the Page Styling Section