Logo Size

Logo image size should be 515x120 pixels at 72dpi (uploaded). It does not have to be this exact size but this size works well. If your logo is square, 120x120 (72 dpi) would work nicely.

Adjust Logo on Home Page, Campaign Pages and Product Pages

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  1. Divi
  2. Theme Customizor
  3. Header and Navigation
  4. Primary Menu Bar
  5. Logo max height
  6. Type in a larger number or use the slider bar to adjust the max size
  7. Save & Publish

Additional Info Here: https://divibooster.com/changing-the-divi-logo-height/

The "menu height" setting sets the height of the menu in pixels. However, Divi actually adds an extra 23 pixels to your setting to come up with the actual displayed height of the menu bar. So, for instance, the default menu height setting of 66 translates to an actual menu bar height of 66+23 = 89px.

Once you have set the menu bar height, you can then set the logo height using the "logo max height" setting. This setting is given as a percentage of the menu bar height. That means that a setting of 100 will make the logo equal in height to the final menu bar height (after the 23px is added).

CSS for Divi Theme to Adjust Logo Size on “Pages”

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  1. Divi
  2. Theme Options
  3. General tab
  4. Custom CSS
  5. #logo{max-height:90%;}
  6. Save Changes