Three Product Types


This is a static design that is printed on the product exactly as it appears on the store sales page. These designs do not require any input from the customer and cannot be personalized. If the customer buys the product, the design image is supplied along with the CSV file to the printer.

Non-personalized orders are configured as "Auto" ie. Printex Auto Personalized.


Products which allow a customer to type 1 or 2 names or words into a field on the product page; these words will be added to the design and can be previewed on the design prior to the customer adding it to their cart. After a customer purchases the item, the image is automatically supplied along with the CSV file and fonts to the printer (ie. Printex) with the "Personalization" already included in the design.

Personalized orders are configured as "Auto" ie. Printex Auto Personalized.

Manually Personalized

Manually personalize items allow the customer to upload either a photo or more than 2 names.

These types of designs are too complex to be handled by the software ie: too many names expected or you want font rounded/angled or special effects added to the names typed in.

Manually personalized items cannot be previewed with the photos or names/words prior to purchase.

The software captures the customer's photo or inputted names/words. These orders need to be sent to your own email address as you are intercepting the order. The design image is not complete until you manually add the photo or names/words into the design. Once you manually personalize the design, you send the design image, the CSV file and fonts to the supplier (ie. Printex). so they can print the design on the product.

Manually Personalized orders are configured as "Manually" ie. Printex Manually Personalized.

Supplier "Printex Manually Personlize" is for orders that ultimately need to be printed by PrintTech (formerly "Printex") but need the designs to be manually modified before they get printed.

The email address is set to the support email of the DFY site (your email address) so that you will receive an email with the CSV of the items you need to manually modify before they get to Printex. You create the designs for each of the orders. upload them to your site in the media library, copy the URL for that design image, put it in the CSV file and then when you've completed all the orders in that CSV, send it to PRINTEX.

You handle each suppliers' orders inside 1 CSV per supplier. Modify the designs or or have your VA manually modify the images. Send the designs to the printer along with the CSV and fonts.

Additional Information

In the Done For You sites several Suppliers have been pre-populated for you. Most items including apparel, LED nightlights and mugs are supplid by Printex. Plates and Jewelry are supplied by different vendors aka suppliers.